Marketing Support

Professional Marketing Services

  • Corporate office buildingStrategic Planning – Meeting facilitation, defining goals and objectives, monitoring tactical plans, and stewardship throughout your planning process.  
  • Business Process Mapping – Define/refine marketing processes, gap analysis, developing tools and automation to optimize or restructure data throughput.
  • Marketing Communications – Press releases, brochures, mass e/mailings, web content, resumes, project sheets, and standard firm library creation.
  • Marketing Campaigns – Coordination of initiative goals, milestones and responsible parties, response monitoring, and follow-up.
  • Marketing Metrics – Lead tracking, pipeline forecasting and hit rate analytics.
  • Annual Pre-Qualifications Submittals/SOQs/Proposals – Support for agency consultant list retention, client RFQs, and facilitation of project-specific proposals.
  • Training – Skills, tools and training to mentor technical staff on cultural awareness and turn them into “rainmakers.”
  • Event Planning – Tradeshow and conference selection strategy, space/equipment reservation, premium ordering, coordination of pre-/post-event activities, and event assessment and follow-up.
  • Vendor Selection – Generating RFQ documents for vendor and consultant service selection.
  • Employee Screening – Review of candidate qualifications and short-listing.
  • BassNet™ Resource Network – Access to a rich network of A/E/C experts in the fields of public relations, business development, graphic arts, web design, social networking, application data specialists, and more.

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