The BassWorks Difference

The BassWorks Difference

bassworks gives you clear directionAll too often we hear clients recount stories of disappointing consulting experiences. The sales associates implied lofty expectations and the consultant onsite had to reset those expectations. The standard methodologies and timelines offered didn’t mesh with your timelines or business cycles. Or the experts were long gone as the dust settled and they were left frustrated and tired, picking up the pieces on their own.

What clients tell us is that, in hindsight, they had somehow expected more. They wanted leadership. They sought an understanding of their unique and sometimes fragile universe. They needed more hand-holding through what might have been their first outsourcing experience.

This is the difference between “transactional relationships” and “client relationships.” And they’re not good for the client or the consultant. At BassWorks, our aim is to build lasting personal relationships with clients who’ve cared enough to place their trust in us.

  • We focus on long-term change, not short-term agendas.
  • We push what’s important, not necessarily just what’s comfortable or what you wanted to hear.
  • We set realistic goals, not unrealistic promises.
  • We will be totally up front and honest with you at all times. If we don’t have an immediate answer, or aren’t sure, we’ll tell you. And we’ll be sure to get you the answer.

These are the marks of good consulting. And the BassWorks Difference.

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