Why BassWorks

Why Choose Bassworks

  • presentation to city councilWe’re Industry Focused – BassWorks founder Brian Bass, CPSM has over 25 years of experience with professional services organizations (PSOs), including holding positions of responsibility and consulting for over 200 A/E/C firms. All of our consultant resources are accomplished career specialists, each rising from within the ranks of A/E/C consulting firms or allied industries.
  • community involvementWe’re Personally Involved – We give each and every client our undivided attention, as if our success depends on it. And it does. Our seasoned experts have select expertise in their respective practice domain. We enter the consulting industry as our 2nd and 3rd careers because we’re passionate about our area of expertise, and because we’re excited to share that knowledge with you.
  • We Understand Your Pain Points – We don’t have to ramp up on how project-based organizations function. Or the challenges that marketers face in technical organizations driven by professional staff utilization. Or how to get project managers to embrace business development.  (…or why mailing lists are still
    marked-up presentation to parks boardspreadsheets.) We understand the organizational culture and behaviors of professionals in the industry. So we not only support solutions. We help you achieve adoption of them as well.

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